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February 11, 2014

Writing Competitions and Opportunities Digest – Edition 33

by limebirdvanessa

Welcome to the 33rd Edition of our weekly writing competitions and opportunities digest. If you missed the last edition, you can see it here.

How’s February going for everyone? Here in the UK, it’s all about the rain. This week we have opportunities ranging from zombie stories to poems about trees to brighten up your February. Happy writing everyone!


Opportunity type – Stories wanted for a zombie anthology.
Theme – Zombies.
Word count – 2,000 to 6,000 words.
Organiser/publisher – Spooky Isles and Red Rattle Books.
Reward – Publication in the book to be called “Zombie Bites”. Remuneration to be agreed with the author.
Eligibility – Not specified.
Deadline – March 31, 2014.
Link for info – Zombie anthology callout.
Notes – This book follows their previous Dracula story anthology.


Opportunity type – Writing prompt competition.
Theme – A different picture prompt every Thursday.
Word count – Any.
Organiser/publisher – Creative Writing Ink.
Reward – Links to entries are posted on their site. One winner every two months (from all the weekly prompt entries) receives a €25.00 Creative Writing Ink Gift Voucher which may be used for an of their creative writing courses OR a copy of “The Testament of Mary” by Colm.
Eligibility – Not specified.
Deadline – Every two months, current one ends March 31, 2014.
Link for info – Writing prompts.
Notes – Ideally they like you to post your entry on your own blog and then add a link to it from their site, but you can email the entry to them if you prefer.


February 6, 2014

The Writer’s Chatroom

by Neeks

As writers we utilize a good assortment of tools when plying our trade.  We take advantage of everything from dictionaries to computers to the internet.  We often make use of fellow authors or friends to beta read for us.  Sometimes we use pictures for prompts, songs for inspiration and raw emotions as catalysts in our writing.  All of these things qualify (in my mind) as tools.

We’ve talked about many of these things here at Limebird Writers, in our posts.  Another tool we’ve talked about before is the use of books and magazines that discuss writing as an aid to teach us.  Other blogs can often give us instruction as well.

One such website I’ve recently discovered is The Writer’s Chatroom.  They describe themselves as a “vibrant group of writers whose work spans all genres, who join together to encourage one another and to share important information regarding the profession of writing.”  They meet every Sunday and Wednesday evening for a 2-hr. chat.  Despite the window asking for a password none is needed, the chats are open to the public.  You need only to type in the user name you want to be known by.

January 13, 2014

Writing Competitions and Opportunities Digest – Edition 29

by limebirdvanessa

Welcome to the 29th Edition of our weekly writing competitions and opportunities digest. If you missed the last edition, you can see it here.

How is everyone this week? Ready for the next batch of opportunities? First on today’s list is an anthology callout with a very inspiring picture prompt, thank you Jennifer M. Eaton for flagging that one up. Those of you who enjoy ultra-short writing will like the second one on today’s list. If you’re looking for something a bit more serious, then number three gives you the chance to write an essay about socio-environmental issues. And finally we have a crime magazine seeking modern crime and mystery stories.


Opportunity type – Anthology call for submissions.
Theme – Fantasy, using their picture prompt.
Word count – 5,000 to 10,000 words.
Organiser/publisher – Roane Publishing.
Reward – Publication in the anthology. Payment details not specified.
Eligibility – Not specified.
Deadline – March 15, 2014.
Link for info – Roane Publishing callout.
Notes – They are also looking for active bloggers/book reviewers, see here.


July 24, 2013

Memories As Inspiration

by limebirddennis

Marcel Proust famously addressed the theme of involuntary memory (precious fragments) in À la recherche du temps perdu; in ‘the episode of the madeleine’ where the taste of tea and cake brings to mind a series of pictures from his childhood.

This morning I was reading Fiction Writer’s Workshop (Josip Novakovich, 1995). One exercise suggested as a source of fiction is to “Write down your first three memories. Can you make a story out of them?”

I decided to have a go and these are the three memories that sprang to mind:

January 1965                                                           Editor’s Note – Aww look at the baby Dennis!

Standing in the street, all wrapped up against the snow.

Sitting in the front of a removal van, seeing the slag run-off from the steelworks at Corby.

The corner shop, Milky Way bars stuck onto ice lolly sticks and then frozen.

The point was to write a story, but, in my usual fashion, my mind went in a different direction and the memories suggested a poem. So here’s the first rough draft…


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