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May 15, 2013

LimebirdVanessa Does Charles Dickens…Video Style

by limebirdvanessa

Back in November, LimebirdCat made a video  on location in North Yorkshire, at the original home of the Bronte sisters. This inspired me to produce my own video because I live close to an area which has a lot of links with Charles Dickens. It only took me six months to get around to it!

I wrote a short script, then called on my friend Stacey Morgan who has her own little film company called Morganic Films, and we filmed it. I started out with the intention of doing a serious piece, then I decided to throw in a bit of comedy, and in the end in was more about the comedy than about Charles Dickens! Still, the little bits of factual information I throw in are true and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing the location. I give you my Charles Dickens report…

July 25, 2012

The Right Kind of Villain

by limebirdlaura

Anyone who knows me knows that I have developed an…erm…obsession with the character Loki. This is, of course, largely due to the beautiful man who plays Loki…but I won’t get into that here.

Much to my delight, Loki was not only the villain in Thor, but also the recent record-breaking film ‘The Avenger’. OK, so he’s the bad guy…but why am I blabbing on about him? Because I want to get into why he’s such a great villain!

June 5, 2012

Limebirds Assemble! – Comic Adaptations

by limebirdlaura

If you haven’t watched The Avengers, I want you to put your mouse down and rectify that. Once you’ve finished watching, you can come back to reading this. It’s no big deal, I’ll wait.



I should have thought this through, it is over 2 hours long after all…


Sigh, are you back yet?

Oh good there you are.

Ahem, now we can get back to business. I’ve touched on the subject of adaptation before. In general I’m OK with the screenwriter changing bits and pieces of the author’s original work, since films and books are two different mediums and it takes different things to convey an idea properly. As long as the movie is good, I’m good.

May 15, 2012

Fan Fiction Addiction

by LimebirdCat

Today kids, I’m going to rock your world with the tangled realms of…dum dum duuuum! Fan fiction.

This is one of the avenues I personally pursued to get into writing stories.

It provides a sort of template for you to add your own ideas to and then watch them flourish. The backgrounds and characters are already established and can be tinkered with however you see fit – you sort of get creative without even knowing it.

You even enjoy yourself into the bargain.

I think we all read novels, watch films and see musicals that we all fall madly in love with. Some are best just left alone, others spark your imagination. The hunger to continue the story that you’ve read – or retell it, can actually provide a firm creative foundation.

It’s like with drawing I suppose. You copy and copy and copy the greats until you become confident and develop your own style. Then someone will emulate you, then find their own. We are like each other’s mother ducks, nudging each other’s fragile creativity into the pond of wonderment.

Fan fiction is, erm, I wouldn’t go as far as saying easy but perhaps easier than writing something from scratch. The characters, setting and the kitchen sink are all there for you to play with. It doesn’t matter if you write like a kid or a laureate – all’s fair and game in the world of fan fiction.


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