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February 24, 2012

100 Word Film Reviews – 127 Hours

by limebirdaaron

The film that I will be reviewing this week in the 100 Word Film Reviews is 127 Hours.

127 Hours

127 Hours

February 24, 2012

100 Word Challenge – ‘The flip side’

by limebirdwriters

It’s Friday! Huzzah! Which means it’s 100 Word Challenge day! This week’s 100 Word Challenge prompt from Julia’s Place is ‘the flip side’ and in her words ” Well it is Shrove Tuesday after all! You don’t have to include those words but the piece must indicate a flipping of some sort!” Well, it was when the prompt came out. In the UK, this means lots of eating of pancakes. I ate lots.

100 word challenge

Anyways, I’ve managed to rope in more Limebird Writers, so this week we have myself, Limebirdkate, Limebirdlaura and Limebirdsally.

Here we go….


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