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February 2, 2012

Handwriting Analyses of The Limebird Writers

by limebirdwriters

So, friend of the Limebird Writers  – Exiled Stardust, recently put out a blog asking if anyone was interested in having a free handwriting analysis. Some of the Limebird Writers got on board and here are our results:

February 2, 2012

The First Line

by limebirdster

Following on from the Last Lines post, first lines are just as important. If the first line doesn’t grab your reader, then they won’t bother to read the second!

Though it is always possible to trick you reader too. I once read a book which had a brilliant first two pages and then the rest of the book was so bad I couldn’t finish it. But I’d bought it by then so I suppose it didn’t matter so much the to author! I’d even liked the first part so much that I bought the sequel at the same time as the first book and have regretted it ever since!


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