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January 31, 2012

No Such Thing as No Time to Write

by limebirdkate

Brace yourselves. I’m about to jump onto my soapbox here.

I’m friends with a writer who dared to compare her busy life to mine. She recently went on a tear about how it’s obvious I am not as busy as she is because I write daily.

She made things worse for herself by saying that she doesn’t have time to write because she has a job. I was about to remind her that I have kids (as well as freelance jobs), she interrupted me and said, “but kids don’t require attention all the time, unlike my job.” Plus, she added…”You blog! You tweet! You’re on FB and LinkedIn!”

I decided arguing with such inflammatory comments wasn’t worth it. (So I’ll blog about it instead! Haha.)

January 30, 2012

Set fire to your heroine and feed her to the lions

by limebirddennis

OK, so you are writing a novel; what is it that keeps the reader actually reading?

For some it may be the bodice ripping count, if some pale and palpitating young thing doesn’t get her bodice ripped at least every other chapter, then it’s into the old supermarket box under the stairs with it, ready for a trip to the second-hand book store.

For others it’s body count, if they can’t picture the blood dripping from the spine of their book at regular intervals then why carry on?

Whatever it is that floats a reader’s particular boat, there is a common thread. Will the heroine find a protector, will the prisoner avoid the guards and escape? That common thread is jeopardy. According to the Collins English Dictionary, jeopardy can be defined as danger of injury, loss, death, etc.; risk; peril; hazard. In writing terms it can be what provides the motivation to RUN!!! It may be a source of tension or conflict. In other words, it is what can take your story and transform it from being simply a series of scenes that take us gradually towards the conclusion, into a story that is compelling. As a young reader, if I saw a blurb on a book that said it was “a real page turner” then it told me something about what I could expect from the hours that I was going to invest in reading; and if I wasn’t feeling compelled to turn that page…

January 28, 2012

The Sunshine Award! Huzzah!

by limebirdwriters

What a lovely surprise on a Saturday. Thank you so much Buddhafulkat for giving us the Sunshine Award!

How nice. :) Did you know, that my mum wanted to call me Sunshine? I’m not even joking! My Dad pretty much said no… and Beth was chosen instead!

January 28, 2012

My path into the world of journalism (part 3)

by limebirdcharlotte

To read the first two parts of my foray into the world of journalism and media so far, click here (part 1) and here (part 2). Firstly, I must apologise for the fact that it has been two weeks (for those interested in the outcome of my last post)!

Last time, I was waiting anxiously for news of a job that I could potentially get off the back of a marketing internship at a Michelin starred restaurant. My employers kept pushing the date of when I would hear about it back and I began to wonder if they were having doubts about me.


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